It all started with the birth of our baby twins – Helena and Tervel.

Their mother Margarita started trying different recipes for homemade chocolate spread (to be sure that the twins eat only quality sweets). Father George, was attracted by home-made Hummus and its health benefits.

The children started walking and many recipes were tested. The best of them were shared with close friends. The echoes for the chocolate and hummus were – “They are great, give us more!”.

And at that point Pantovi Family said: “Friends, let’s make these recipes more accessible and offer them to everyone who likes and is looking for quality food. We will help with experience, contacts, finances.”

The idea was accepted and developed in details. After months of preparations, in early 2017 the action plan started to materialize.

George left his previous job and devoted himself to preparing a Hummus production facility.

The team was crucial to success – it was important everyone to share his passion throughout this project. And by virtue of the universal law of attraction, giving the best, he attracted the best:

Nelina – the flag bearer and the “petrol in the engine” of this project. Strong and combative, she copes with all challenges with ease and a smile.

A bit later, the team expanded with technologist Jordan – a real machine in human form.

In the summer of 2017, with great excitement, Sweet Twins Hummus was presented at several festivals for health and a healthy lifestyle in Sofia. The reactions of the customers exceeded even the boldest dreams of the team. They all asked – “Where can I buy it?”

So, at the end of July 2017, Sweet Twins hummus was already in the shelves of dozens of shops in Sofia.

In the autumn of the same year, the idea for real fresh Hummus, made by home recipe got its recognition and support from the leading retail chains in Sofia – FANTASTICO and 345 Stores.

In the summer of 2018, the efforts of the the team were appreciated by the international retail chain Billa Bulgaria. In this way Sweet Twins hummus can be purchased in all branches of the chain throughout Bulgaria.

The most popular restaurants in Bulgaria – “Victoria” and “Happy” also appreciated the unique qualities of our hummus and included in their menu different flavors of Sweet Twins Hummus.

Meanwhile, another temptation with the Sweet Twins brand showed up on the shelves in the best stores – Cocoa cream, made by traditional home recipe.

The story is yet to continue with new delicacies from the kitchen of Margarita and George …… soon.

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