Bio apple cider vinegar SWEET TWINS 500 ml.


Yes! We use only BIO apples, which we grow ourselves! Our gardens are located in the village of Dolno Belotintsi, Montana and Pavlin Pantov ZP takes care of them with a lot of love! Come and visit us!

Not all apples grown by the Pantovi family have a good commercial appearance. But they are all Organic. Those that are not so beautiful, we separate them and prepare real vinegar from them. You can even see the vinegar sponge inside. We make vinegar only with our apples, we do not buy from other producers. Each year the vinegar is obtained slightly different in color and taste, because the ratio of the varieties
of apples is different. But this is an additional charm.

Dio Bio apple cider vinegar is available in two packages. The convenient 250 ml and the larger one - 500 ml. Search in the retail network.

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