Hummus “Oriental” Sweet Twins 210 gr.


Delicious hummus made by traditional home recipe with soaked and boiled chickpeas. Prepared with fresh lemon juice and fresh garlic. With spices from the Orient. NO preservatives. Lactose free. 100% vegan!
We started with Classic Hummus, went through several recipes and reached the Orient… 1001 nights we tried different recipes, ingredients, ratios. We tried, tried, cooked again and again, and again, but something was missing… and… the spirit of the lamp (the muse of our technologist) appeared and fulfilled our wish…. Quite a simple recipe, but with the taste we wanted.
We know exactly what spices are inside, and we know their ratio, but we will not reveal everything, because our Oriental taste must bring you something mysterious and seduce you, just as Scheherazade seduced her sultan every night. Well, we allow you to allow yourself to be seduced during the day. What you will find out once you try it is that there is cumin, and we leave the rest to your imagination…

Ingredients:Chickpeas 59%, Sesame tahini, Vegetable oil: Unprocessed olive oil Extra virgin, Freshly squeezed lemon, Garlic, Salt, Apple cider vinegar, Cumin, Chili pepper, Red pepper, Water. Net quantity: 210 g ℮. Country of origin: Bulgaria. Storage conditions: at a temperature of 0 ÷ 4 ° C. To be consumed within 72 hours after opening! Manufacturer: Dio Foods Ltd., 59 B Kazbek Str., Fl. 8, ap. 39, Sofia, Bulgaria, e-mail: Use before: see marking

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